Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Moby - Live in Berlin 2009

Live in Berlin 2009

NPR Music streamt das Konzert vom 26. Juni 2009.

Link für die iRadio Favoriten oder Playlist:
97 MB, 128 Kbps, 104 min.

In Concert für's iRadio:
Moby - Live in Berlin 2009
Iron & Wine - Newport Folk Festival 2009
Fleet Foxes - Newport Folk Festival 2009
Dark Was The Night
Neko Case Live at the 9:30 Club
Peter, Bjorn and John - Live at SXSW 2009
Blind Pilot - Go On, Say it
The Decemberists - Live at Stubb's Bar-B-QS - SXSW 2009
Andrew Bird - Heretics

Noxon iRadio und Podcasts II
Noxon iRadio und Podcasts


Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6923

Terratec hat für das Noxon iRadio eine neue Beta Firmware auf dem Server. Stand: 09.10.2009, 15:59. TerraTec_NOXON_iRadio_Firmware_6923_for

Ein Blick in das history.txt File seit 6921:

Version: FW_3.8.x.6923
+ Bugfix FM: Do not display strange frequencies after FM search when no station is found
+ Bugfix RTC: Update NTP and sync to RTC every time the network is connecting.
+ Bugfix Ignore invalid lines in pls playlists (needed for IMDA certification)
+ Bugfix replace all white space in URLs by "%20" (needed for IMDA certification)

Version: FW_3.8.x.6922
+ Bugfix FM: Problem with FM Stations stored on shortkeys
+ Bugfix FM: Problem with FM Stations stored in Favourites
+ Bugfix FM: Allow saving to/selecting from shortkeys in FM clock view
+ Bugfix FM: Play current FM station, not the first one in list when pressing 'play'!
+ Feature FM: Show FM Tuner type (TEA5764HN or SI4705) together with hardware version in Device Status menu
+ Change FM: Set number of FM presets to 50, as this is prepared in cne

Direkter Server Link hier.

Wenn ich es getestet habe, schreib ich hier darüber.

Diese Beta werde ich hier auslassen.
Zeit ist knapp und schaut nicht lohnend aus.