Dienstag, 14. April 2009

A Net Station Radio

Für heute kommt der Sound aus der Antarktis.
A Net Station sendet aus der Heimat der Pinguine.

"Commercial-free STEREO WEB RADIO from WAY DOWN in the SUB-ANTARCTIC", heisst es auf der Web-Page.

War neugierig, wo der Web Server steht: Visual Trace Route
Im sonnigen Phoenix, USA. :-)

Zitat Wikipedia:"A' Net Station is an Antarctica-based web radio station. Established on the Ross Ice Shelf circa 1980 by George Maat, it was one of the first web-based radio stations in the world."

Die Philosophie der A Net Station:
"We play music by artists who perform internationally and usually carry their own guitar cases. Most prefer not to compete for to the record industry's favor. This music is owned, published and distributed by the musicians themselves. That is why we provide links to their web sites. We play what we like, everybody benefits."

Die Musik der A Net Station:
"Duck Baker, Dick Barrett & Paul Anastasio, Pierre Bensusan, Pete Berryman, BajoFondo Tango Club, Will Brady, Cafe Tacuba, Campo, Mike Dowling & Pat Donahue, Isaac Guillory, David Hughes, Janis Ian, Pat Kirtley, Tom Long, Larry Pattis, Po' Boys, John Prine, Buddy Spichter & Calvin Vollrath, Jack Treese, Jesse Colin Young."

Link für die radio567.com Favoriten, da *.m3u:

Solo Piano Radio
A Net Station Radio
Birdsong Radio
Steel Radio
Indie Revolution
Hype Machine

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