Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921

Terratec hat für das Noxon iRadio eine neue Beta Firmware auf dem Server. Stand: 12.05.2009, 14:15. NOXON_iRadio_Bootloader_6834_Firmware_6921Beta.zip

Ein Blick in das history.txt File:

Version: FW_3.8.x.6921
+ Feature Improved NTP update
+ Bugfix Fixed crash when navigating into favourites
Should fix crash when deleting presets too
+ Bugfix Fixed large playview does not update the album
+ Bugfix Disabled Speedport workaround because of buffering problems

Version: FW_3.8.x.6920
+ Bugfix Added patch to workaround AVM Speedport bug with wrong windowsize
+ Feature Station scan checks and stores RDS names in Presets
+ Bugfix Fixed WLAN statistics not updated in playview
+ Bugfix Fixed WPA keylength in webinterface is set to max 26 chars

siehe Noxon iRadio und WLAN

+ Bugfix Fixed rbb-online does not play when added as mms.

Version: FW_3.8.x.6919
+ Bugfix Fixed always the last stored alarm favourite is played when editing the alarm
+ Bugfix Fixed favourites becomes inconsistent when playing back a podcast from the favourites
+ Bugfix Fixed favourites becomes inconsistent or crashes when less than 5 entries are present.
+ Bugfix Fixed pressing snooze button during alarm playes last played item even if NOXON was turned off
+ Change Increased timeout from 1000ms to 2500ms when editing alarmtime using SMS keys on the remote

Version: FW_3.8.x.6918
+ Bugfix Fixed left button returns to previous state after alarm wizard was executed, which leads to an inconsistent state. Left press when finished will now go to the main alarm menu
+ Bugfix Fixed RTC was not programmed when alarm time has been changed and the wizard was not completed. Now it is needed to complete the wizard, otherwise the new settings will be discarded. (An "do you really want to cancel?" message might be needed to show the user that he is cancelling the wizard)
+ Bugfix When going through alarm wizard, the last programmed or selected setting will be shown as default instead of always the first entry
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm was deactivated when alarm wizard was interrupted (canceled) by pressing home or some other key
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm not working under some conditions when alarm1 and alarm2 was programmed
+ Bugfix Fixed alarm in home menu shows wrong "( :)" entry
+ Bugfix Fixed next alarm in home menu was set to the next day instead of the next alarm day
+ Bugfix Duplicate Requests when downloading audio files
+ Bugfix Timeout in FM station scan in case that no frequency is found
+ Feature Store and display correct FM station RDS names
+ Bugfix FM station scan did not start when tuner was already tuned to the 1st station that would be found
+ Feature Added "upnp:originalTrackNumber" to UPnP sortcriteria to sort tracks first by tracknumber instead of title. Fixes wrong sortorder with Twonky Media Manager
+ Bugfix Added workaround for wrong ID3 tags
+ Feature Playview will now be shown when playing back items via an UPnP controlpoint
+ Bugfix Fixed "Favourites" caption in favourites menu not translated

Version: FW_3.8.x.6915
+ Bugfix Fixed FM search does not work

Version: FW_3.8.x.6911
+ change Changed Stereo/Mono mode in UI to current time

Version: FW_3.8.x.6910
+ change Changed RDS/Clock bits for tuner for iRadio2/Cube

direkter Server Link hier.

Das sieht doch schon mal ganz gut aus. ;-)

Wenn ich es getestet habe, schreib ich hier darüber.

Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921 V
Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921 IV
Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921 III
Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921 II
Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6921

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