Mittwoch, 25. März 2009 Radio nicht länger kostenlos (ausser US, UK und D)

Ausserhalb der G3 (US, UK und D) soll das Radio hören, ab dem 30.03.2009 € 3.00 kosten. :-(. Bekanntgabe von Richard Jones auf am 24.03.2009.

Q&A for users outside the US, UK or Germany

Q. When does this go into effect?
A: We are currently planning to switch to subscription radio outside the US, UK, and Germany on Monday, March 30.

Q. What happens if I’m already a subscriber, or I buy a subscription before March 30th?
A. Your subscription will continue to be valid and automatically gain Radio functionality after the switch. Existing subscribers don’t need to change anything.

Q. Does this affect listening to previews or full length tracks?
A. No.

Q&A for users in the US, UK or Germany

Q. Will I be affected by the changes to Radio?
A. No!

Ende von LastFMProxy :-(


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