Samstag, 20. Dezember 2008

Noxon iRadio und neue Beta Firmware 6902

Terratec hat für das Noxon iRadio eine neue Beta Firmware auf dem Server. Stand: 19.12.2008.

Version: FW_3.8.x.6902
+ BugFix: Applied patch to solve problems with Speedport W 701V
+ BugFix: Fixed current play position is not reseted to 00:00 in playview when playing next/previous song or station
+ BugFix: Fixed distortion between songs with different samplerates
+ BugFix: Fixed missing title/track information when switching between playviews
+ BugFix: Fixed wrong number of arguments for I2C FM settings

Version: FW_3.8.x.6901
+ BugFix: Fixed pressing volume down in mute (volume at 0%) unmutes and mutes the NOXON
+ BugFix: Fixed file information scroll curious
+ BugFix: Fixed buffer display shows empty buffer
+ Feature: Added bitrate/channels to playview
+ BugFix: Fixed inconsistent navigation through favourite menu

direkter Server Link hier.

Wenn ich es getestet habe, schreib ich hier darüber.

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